I design & code digital things

Hi there.

Hi, I’m Razi Kantorp-Weglin, experienced digital designer, front-end developer and a lot of other stuff.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and currently happy freelancing. Proud founder of KRIG community, volunteer a Fatta! and you can find me at KNACKERIET. Feel free to get in touch about interesting projects, stupid projects, dinosaurs and cats.

(Not currently interested in any full-time employment.)

I could never choose between design or development, so I kept doing both. And I’m really happy I did.

UX is not just something that should stop after the drawing table, it’s so much more. Understanding and evaluating the experience helps to secure the bridges between vision and execution. Speed performance, accesabillity, technical hinders & device specific issues are all things that often fall through the cracks.

I love to fill thoose cracks.

Links to things I do.